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With the Meenakshi legacy, comes the experience, skills, and resources vital to building and completing residential and commercial buildings. Through this, the Meenakshi Group has built a reputation for quality and timely delivery. Our strong customer base helps us continue our commitment to local communities and enables us to constantly expand.

Join the Meenakshi

The Meenakshi Legacy is one of trust, credibility, and experience. Every project is taken through our Project Development Phases. With 20 years of experience, we understand the challenges and roadblocks a project faces. Steps are taken to ensure that these do not pose a problem to the project completion. Clients that become part of the Meenakshi Legacy access a high-standard of project development.

Asset Management

Real estate is a valuable asset and as a part of the Meenakshi Group legacy, we help manage assets so owners get an incremental return. Our strategic approach to asset management reduces operating costs, increases availability, improves safety and optimises processes, resulting in better operation and maintenance for the organisation. Our asset management services are quite inclusive of many features.

Property Management

With over 2 decades of creating a mark in the industry, our Property Management service is offered as part of the Meenakshi Group legacy. Managing a property can be a cumbersome task, however, we make it simpler with our Property Management Service.

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