Ordinary Repair Work (Jabalpur to Lakhnadon)

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Ordinary repair work including restoration of damaged crust in Identified selected stretches of Jabalpur to Lakhnadon section (from Km 496.000 to Km 510.000 and km 524.000 to Km 546.425of NH-7 in the state of Madhya Pradesh (in 38.725 Km).

Salient Features of Periodic Renewal
Location Km. 496.000 to Km 510.000 to Km 524.000 to Km 546.425 of NH-7 in the state of Madhya Pradesh
Length 38.725 KM
Client's Name National Highways Authority of India
Concession Model EPC
Project Value INR 81.4 Million
Date of Commencement 20th January 2014
Date of Completion 20th July 2014

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